Zlatan Ibrahimović retires from professional football.

Swedish player, Zlatan Ibrahimović has announced his retirement from professional football.Image

It was an emotional moment for the The AC Milan star who made the announcement on Sunday after his club’s final match of the Serie A season. He bid farewell to AC Milan and the iconic San Siro stadium and he was honoured Zlatan with a tifo which spelt out “GODBYE”.



“When I woke up this morning it was raining. I told myself that even God was sad. Tonight, I was too moved. I look at my teammates, they are crying. So I look to my wife for strength, she cries. I look at the screen, the tifosi are crying.” He said.Image


511 club goals

988 career games

Sweden’s all-time top scorer (62)

5x Serie A champion

4x Ligue 1 champion

2x Eredivisie champion

1x La Liga champion

1x Europa League champion

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